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What Do You Know About Sexual Abuse?


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​1. Most men who commit sexual offenses do not know their victim.

​2. Most sexual assaults are committed by someone of the same race as the victim.

​3. Most child sexual abusers use physical force or threat to gain compliance from their victims.

​4. Most child sexual abusers find their victims by frequenting such places as schoolyards and playgrounds.

​5. Child sexual abusers are only attracted to children and are not capable of appropriate sexual relationships.

​6. Children rarely make up stories of abuse.

​7. Victims of sexual assault are harmed only when offenders use force.

​8. If a child does not tell anyone about the abuse, it is because he or she must have consented to it.

​9. It is common for both child and adult victims of sexual assault to wait some time before telling someone about the abuse.

​10. If someone sexually assaults an adult, he will not target children as victims; and if someone sexually assaults a child, he will not target adults.

​11. It helps the victim to talk about the abuse.

​12. Sexual gratification is often not a primary motivation for a rape offender.

​13. Men who rape do so because they cannot find a consenting sexual partner.

​14. Drugs and alcohol cause sexual offenses to occur.

​15. Victims of sexual assault often share some blame for the assault.

​16. If a victim does not say "no" or does not "fight back," it is not sexual assault.