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Since 2000, the SOAB has completed more than 18,000 court-ordered assessments, 10,500 PBPP assessments and 625 juvenile assessments. From July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017, the SOAB completed 1,350 court-ordered assessments from 66 counties, 860 PBPP assessments and 76 juvenile civil commitment assessments, for a total of 2,286 assessments. The SOAB members testified as expert witnesses at 487 SVP hearings and 39 juvenile civil commitment hearings during this same 12-month period.

Implementation of Act 21 of 2003 began a new mandate for the SOAB, where certain adolescent sex offenders aging out of the juvenile justice system are to be considered for involuntary civil commitment. 447 juveniles were ordered for investigation and assessment by the SOAB since February 8, 2004.

The SOAB has 26 investigators who complete exhaustive field investigations, conduct highly specialized sex offender interviews, and prepare technical, sex offender specific reports that serve as the foundation for the assessments conducted by the SOAB members assigned to these cases. Indeed, best practice standards for the evaluation of sex offenders require a thorough examination of the offender’s lifetime, through review of the types of documents, records, and interviews prepared by the investigators.

The SOAB investigators are organized into four regional teams; each managed by a supervisor, in order to efficiently conduct and complete all case assignments throughout the Commonwealth within the deadlines established by statute.