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An SOAB investigator is assigned to the individual’s case upon receipt of the order. The investigator gathers all available and relevant records and information. Pennsylvania law requires that "all state, county, and local agencies, offices or entities in this Commonwealth, shall cooperate by providing copies of records and information as requested by the Board in connection with the court ordered assessment and the assessment requested by the Pennsylvania Parole Board."

The type of information gathered includes: interview of offender (should he/she choose to participate), police reports, victim statements, prior criminal history, county and state probation/parole records, county and state prison treatment records, prior and contemporaneous pre-sentence investigations, children and youth records, CHILDLINE records, and other criminal/social service agency records and interviews.

All offenders are fully informed of the scope of the process, the right to have their attorney present and the right to not participate in the SOAB interviews. They acknowledge their understanding of this process and rights by signing an Informed Consent Form.

The completed investigation is then forwarded to the assigned Sexual Offenders Assessment Board Member.